Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New Android game published - Puzzle Rush

The Pharaoh of the ancient Egypt has hid tons of gold in a secret uninhabited island.  The exact location are known to nobody and it is so isolated that it is hard to reach without a treasure map. Being paranoid, the Pharaoh had split the map into several pieces and hid at several places near his pyramid.

Let’s find out all the missing puzzle pieces and reassemble the treasure map!

There are 4 different scenes, each have 3 levels. Each level will contribute up to 3 missing puzzles.
1st puzzle will be rewarded for completing a level
2nd puzzle are given if you got more than 80% of the rings.
The final 3rd puzzle, will be award when the level is completed with perfect health (3 hearts)

Let’s start the journey now & solve the mystery!

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