Saturday, September 7, 2019

Retrospect on my investment on P2P financing platform in Malaysia

There are number of P2P financing platforms in Malaysia. Personally, I invested in Funding Society, B2BFinpal and Fundaztic. Here are my feedback on each of them after close to 2 years of investing.
Funding Society: Reasonably managed. Acceptable default rate. Acceptable fee. Having shifted most of my portfolio here. The published "annualized  portfolio performance" are close to real IRR after taking into account of actual defaulted monies. 

B2B Finpal: 2 complaints: (1) Very high fee. They are even charging the same 30% fee on those issuers that are not using their B2B platform! (2) Default rate looks good on paper. but remember that the notes are mostly short term notes. e.g. If you keep rolling your principal back-to-back on each notes and the issuers pay back first 999 notes, but then default on the 1000th note. You are losing your principal due to the last 1000th note. The published default rate really means nothing 😐. Also, due to limited number of issuers, many notes are actually concentrated on the small group of issuer. All my 2 years' interest are totally wiped off by only 1 default. Total portfolio is still in negative today. Not so good. 

Fundaztic: Very high default rate (and many more to come).... even worse than B2BFinpal. Portfolio is in negative now. Nothing much to say about this. You can get an idea from following table:

So, my strategy now is over weight on Funding Society, and continue to get some little diversifcation thru B2Bfinpal and fundaztic.

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Cheers ..