Tuesday, October 10, 2017

6 Reasons to Invest in Peer-To-Peer Financing

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Viewing FCPO Chart using Wen Hua Desktop App

Here are step-by-step guide to install Wen Hua Desktop App to view FCPO chart.

(1) Go to official Wen Hua site: http://www.wenhua.com.cn/rjxz/index.asp.

(2) Scroll to bottom of the page and click 1st button (= FREE version).

 (3) A new frame will appear and select the server to download. I downloaded from the left one. But both should work.

(4) The installer is named as "mytrader_whsp_6.7.680.exe". Execute it. Click the "Start Install" button as follow. 

(5) Click "Next". 

(6) Click "Finish"

(7) Here is the icon.

 (8) First launch. A dialog to remind you to download from official web. Click "Cancel".

(9) T&C. Check "I knew" and click "Yes"

(10) 1st tutorial screen. Click to continue.

(11) 2nd tutorial screen. Click to continue.

(12) Tutorial done. Click "Enter" to start. 

(13) Click on the 2nd button ("Sector") at the top right corner. Click on the BMD to view all FCPO contracts. 

(14) Here are the all twelve months of FCPO contract. The number in the 2nd columns represents the correspond month. Double click to view the chart. 

 (15) The first tab is today's chart. Tab switcher in left hand side of the window.

 (16) Use the top menu bar to change time-frame. i.e. 1min/3min/5min/15min/1h/day/week/month/customise..

 (17) The second tab is candle-stick/historical chart. Right click to add TA indicator.

(18) Draw lines. (Trend lines, Channel, Fibonacci etc). Shortcut key is Alt+F12.

(19) Add alerts by drawing horizontal lines. Shortcut key - Shirt+F12.

(20) Click on the "MACD" label to switch to other indicator.

Happy Trading!!!